Whakata Puffy Low Shoe Unisex

$90.99 $129.99
By Oboz


The updated Whakatā Puffy camp shoe has a new engineered knit upper that is not only more comfortable, but the new cuff hugs your ankles for a better fit. They’re a perfect companion for a hut trip, camping in the wilderness, or chilling out around the house. Whakatā, pronounced fah-cah-TAAH, is Māori for “to catch breath, rest, have a break”.  Oboz consulted and got approval from the Māori language and culture guide at Oboz’s New Zealand-based parent company, KMD Brands, for use of the name. Oboz intends to honor the Māori culture in the best way—both within KMD Brands’ company walls and in the broader community.