Spring Fall Toe Cover G2

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The easiest to apply and most stowable foot protection, packing outsized weatherproofing for the variable conditions of riding in spring and fall.

Your extremities are the first casualties of cold, wet cycling, and your toes are the most extreme of them. These shoe covers borrow tech from the Assos winter jackets so your toes lead into cold, wet weather in pristine comfort. 

For the G2 generation, we extended that coverage even further up the shoe; however, the rest of the shoe remains uncovered to regulate internal temperature.

Size Guide

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NEOS Light is a wind- and waterproof softshell that doesn’t sacrifice breathability. Sole panels of gripTecx add durability, increasing traction while walking and ensuring a push-off or two doesn’t abrade a hole in the sole.


Taped seams keep the construction waterproof, and raw-cut edges reduce transitional ridges and prevent bulky hems on the soles from getting caught between cleat and pedal.