Spring Fall Knee Warmer Evo



The lightest knee protectors from ASSOS, engineered to provide both UV protection and ultralight insulation. Excels at moisture transportation, actively manages skin temperature, and protects against the sun’s rays on bright summer days.

A new textile and construction virtually eliminate the bunching and restriction common with knee protection, providing a high-stretch, comfortably compressive solution to everything from UV exposure and a glistening sheen of perspiration during summer rides to the lingering chill and gradual, dull ache of exposed knees in early fall and late spring. 

Regardless of the season, every ride benefits from aggressive wicking, and the material serves as a corrective to the temperature, cooling in the heat and warming in cool conditions.

  • Circular Seamless technology prioritizes UV protection and dry comfort through active moisture transport.
  • Seamless construction eliminates obtrusive ridges for comfort and bulk-free layering.

Size Guide

0 - XS-S

I - S/M/L