Interstellar RIG Goggle

$195.99 $279.99


The Interstellar goggle is our no-compromise top model featuring our premium 2,8mm thick Toric sculped lens with our unique proprietary lens technology; RIG® - and our patented, easy lens change technology; ExcenterLock.
The double lens itself is equipped with a GORE® Protective Vent to equalize the pressure and avoid deformation of the inner lens due to variable atmospheric pressure – providing optimal working conditions for the eyes. The inner lens also comes with the new and improved anti-fog technology, Clear AF, which secures the best vision in demanding conditions. The carbon fiber reinforced and co-molded frame creates a rigid support for the lens and secures optimal vision without any distortion. The Interstellar goggle fits all Sweet Protection helmets and secures an optimal field of view. In short, the Interstellar goggle will be your favorite new mountain tool.