Hestra Leather Balm 60ml

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By Hestra


Our all-natural Hestra Leather Balm is formulated to protect your sport gloves and is a great way to prevent leather from drying out. 

The balm prolongs the life, suppleness and water repellant properties of leather. Apply as needed with a polishing cloth, rub in until the leather is saturated. 

Note that light leathers may darken somewhat. Hestra Leather Balm is a leather conditioner, it is not a dedicated leather waterproofing agent.

The 60ml container is suitable for multiple applications.


  • Carnauba wax
  • Lanolin
  • Beeswax
  • Neatsfoot Oil

We recommend only using our leather balm for our sport gloves in goatskin or cowhide leather. These include all the Heli Ski gloves and mitts.

Other leathers such as deerskin, elk leather, peccary, carpincho and hairsheep which are more common in our dress gloves are oftentimes not suitable to be treated with leather balm. These leathers do not absorb the balm very well and thus may leave a sticky surface and also cause the leather to look mottled with color variations.