EVO XT60 Tour

The Rossignol EVO XT 60 Positrack skis with bindings is one of the best-selling cross-country skis because it's light, gets great glide and is incredibly versatile. These skis are ideal for downhill crossover skiers, or anyone who thinks Nordic skiing is too much work. 

Ski Size (cm) Recommended Weight (lbs)
165 85-120
175 120-150
185 150-180
195 180+



Do I pay for my reservation now?

No, you only pay when you arrive to pick up your rentals in-store. Making a reservation online will gaurentee you have your rentals set aside for you.

What is your cancellation policy?

You are able to cancel your reservation at anytime, however, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. There is no fee to cancel.

You can email us at info@chateaumountainsports.com to cancel your resservation.

What if I choose the wrong size?

We will help you find the best fit when you visit us in-store. If there other sizes available, we will switch them for free.