Intensity Jacket Men's


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For many (Polartec® included), this was the jacket of the year. We could have left it like it was, but the challenge was to reinforce the concept to take the jacket to a higher level. 

We made the Polartec® Alpha® Direct insulation lighter, giving greater protection where you really need it and lighter weight where needed. 

The outer shell is in Polartec® NeoShell® and is highly resistant to water and wind. It also has an additional zipper on the front. There’s always something that can be improved.

  • Outside shell made with Polartec® NeoShell®
  • Additional water-resistant front zipper
  • Inner Polartec® Alpha® Direct lining for maximum warmth with minimum weight
  • Stretch thermal fabric on back, and double cuff for comfort and warmth
  • 2 back pockets with 1 additional zip pocket
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